Tarot for Professional Development

Okay, here’s a secret that’s not super secret if you know me in real life: I absolutely, unapologetically love Tarot. Now, I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way you can be a serious academic and practice Tarot. Not so, dear friends, not so. But, I completely understand why one might be inclined to assume that the two are incompatible.

If you think of Tarot as only a fortune-telling tool, then, yes, I would agree that Tarot and academia don’t really mesh. But, if you look at Tarot as a tool for strategic, guided reflection — for thinking through the complexities of work, life, and everything in between — then it becomes a heuristic like any other, and academia is pretty into heuristics.

Personally, for me, Tarot is not at all about divination; it’s about excavation. I find interacting with creative works — whether it’s a set of images, a text, or music — to be profoundly productive in terms of self-reflection. It’s a way for me to start a conversation with myself about those things that I have yet to find a way — or have maybe been too afraid — to articulate. TLDR: Tarot and oracle decks don’t tell me anything new; instead, they help me to acknowledge and act on what I already know.

So, why am I bringing up Tarot? Starting at the end of each month, I’ll be taking you through my monthly academic Tarot spread. Here and there, I’ll also be sharing some of my personal oracle card readings as well. I hope you’ll pick up a deck and reflect with me!

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