And, so it begins! Again!

I’ve started and stopped this blog so many times I’ve lost track of how many iterations it’s actually gone through. And, that, I think, is because I was given — and took too seriously for too long — the advice that proper blogging requires a single focus.

And, while it is certainly true that I’m just one person, there is nothing singular about who I am and what I love to do. I love writing, making music, working with yarn, teaching, making videos, cooking, and so much more. What can I say? I’m a maker, and whether I’m crocheting a dishcloth or designing a course, I put my whole heart into it.

At the core of all this, though, is one critical lever that sets all the cogs in motion: learning. It’s what ties everything together and keeps everything going. I learn. I make. And, then, I repeat. How fortunate I am to be stuck in such an auspicious cycle.

I hope you’ll join me; there’s room in the loop for you, too!

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