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Like so many others, when I started my crochet journey, I turned to YouTube. There were so many amazingly helpful videos, but there was one tutorial creator who really stood out amongst the rest: Bella Coco Crochet.

When I learned that Bella Coco Crochet had a subscription box offering, Crochet Society, I was intrigued to say the least. Now, not to spoil the suspense but, yes, I did end up purchasing an annual subscription to Crochet Society, and I am eagerly awaiting box 18! Every month, I’ll do an unboxing and share my finished projects from each box, so stay tuned!

But, aside from letting you know there will be lots of fun unboxings from Crochet Society each month, I wanted to have a chat about why I decided to purchase this box. Whether you are new to crochet or a seasoned expert, purchasing a subscription is a huge investment, so you want to be confident that you’re picking a box that will bring you joy, provide projects you’ll be motivated to complete, and allow you to level up your skills. Before I decided to subscribe, l asked myself three questions: Is this box appropriate for my skill level? Do the projects interest me? How will the box help me improve and develop my crochet skills?

Is this box appropriate for my skill level?

I’m new to crochet, and as such, my pattern and diagram reading skills are pretty basic. There are quite a few crochet subscription boxes out there, but, as far as I could tell, a majority delivered each project as a written pattern. I knew that if I subscribed to a box that provided a written pattern only, I probably wouldn’t be successful with the box because, again, I’m not proficient at reading patterns — yet. So, I decided to go with Crochet Society because I know each pattern will be accompanied by a video tutorial, which really speaks to my preferred style of learning (we’ll talk about learning styles in a future post).

Do the projects interest me?

I’m picky when it comes to crochet. I love and appreciate amigurumi, but it’s just not my main interest. I like wearables. I like accessories. I like home décor. Many of the crochet subscription boxes I considered before going with Crochet Society offered one project per box. But, what if I didn’t like the project? That was a real concern for me. But, Crochet Society offers three different projects per box, and that appealed to me for a few reasons. First, with three options, the odds are much better that there will be at least one project I love. Second, because the projects are diverse (it seems there’s often an amigurumi project, a wearable, and a décor project in each box), I can take a dip into types of projects I normally wouldn’t seek out on my own. Finally, the projects seem to attend to different skill levels. As an educator, I really appreciate that crochet society takes a differentiated approach to the design of the boxes (we’ll talk about differentiated instruction at some point on this blog). Each box really seems to account for not only the different interests of subscribers but also the different skill levels. I have to say, I’m really surprised Crochet Society doesn’t emphasize this in their marketing, because I think that’s what really sets this box apart from others.

How will the box help me improve and develop my crochet skills?

We’ve already gone over my primary limitation as a crochet newbie: I am not great at reading patterns, and that’s totally okay! I know I’m capable of acquiring that skill, because I’ve learned to read basic patterns by following along with crochet tutorials in the past and it’s a strategy that works for me (thanks to The Crochet Crowd, I was able to learn to understand and make this Cherry Pie Hot Pad pattern). I know that Crochet Society will be a tremendous help with pattern reading because, again, this subscription provides both a written pattern and a video tutorial for each pattern.

Another perk? Community! There is a fantastic Facebook group for prospective and current Crochet Society subscribers and it is tremendously supportive. I was able to join the group prior to subscribing, so I saw first hand how, when someone posted a question about a particular project, members jumped into action to help others troubleshoot a stitch or a technique. As an educator, I know how important role that community and interaction play in learning a new skill; knowing that I would have such a helpful, nurturing community to turn to in the event I encountered an issue with a project really helped to seal the deal for me.

So, that was the thought process behind the decision to subscribe to Crochet Society. Are you considering a crochet subscription box? Leave a comment below! If you already subscribe to Crochet Society, I’d love to hear from you as well!

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