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  • May 2022 Academic Tarot Spread

    May 2022 Academic Tarot Spread

    Here it is, the very first Academic Tarot Spread reading! I did a three-card pull for Teaching/Librarianship, Service, and Scholarship. Teaching / Librarianship | The Two of Wands First Impressions | What strikes me most about this card is the figure’s calm contemplation. The figure is somewhere high-up, looking over village and forest, out over […]

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  • A Little Monday Oracle

    A Little Monday Oracle

    Quick fact about me: I have no problem describing my aesthetic preferences in terms of literature, music, and even the fiber arts, but I am 100% useless when it comes to articulating what I like in terms of the visual arts. So, when I first saw the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson, I fell […]

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  • Tarot for Professional Development

    Tarot for Professional Development

    I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way you can be a serious academic and practice Tarot. Not so, dear friends, not so.

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  • Impromptu Outreach: Practical Tips

    Impromptu Outreach: Practical Tips

    Big “o” outreach v. little “o” outreach and some practical tips for impromptu promotion.

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  • A Summer of Poetry

    A Summer of Poetry

    I’m off to Poetry by the Sea in May!

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  • And, so it begins! Again!

    And, so it begins! Again!

    Cheers to new beginnings!

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